Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold contamination is the presence of mold growth and/ or mold spores, whose identity, location, and quantity are not reflective of normal fungal ecology for similar indoor environments. Contamination can cause adverse health effects, cause damage to materials and/ or adversely affect the operation or function of building systems.

Safety is our top priority!

Due to potential health risks associated with mold, it is critical that mold remediation work be performed by qualified microbial remediation specialists.  During the mold abatement process we provide the highest level of protection for occupants and workers within the structure by containing mold spores and dust within the containment areas.

Where mold is evident, we will develop a comprehensive project plan consistent with industry IAQ standards and applicable regulations, and in many cases, the services of an industrial hygienist (IH) will be used in order to determine the magnitude of the indoor air problem.  A program of containment, drying and demolition (if necessary) will be developed.

MoldyOnce the mold remediation is completed, we work with a third party IH using post-abatement clearance testing to establish that the project has been successfully completed.  First Priority will then document that the area has been thoroughly dried and remediated.